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Entry #2

useless noobs

2011-01-10 14:49:17 by fredthefatshrew

People are spamming my comments with "this sux" etc. If u rate low, have the courage to tell me why.

Most of these people have no uploads...


At last, some positive comments! there is hope fore newgrounds(and me...)


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2011-01-10 15:18:28

I think "Free fall guy" was a pretty cool little game!
I am submitting an Actionscript2 Guide soon, let me know if you're interested, I think you would make good use of it. Maybe you wont learn anything from it, but maybe you will. Good luck on your future projects! :)

fredthefatshrew responds:

Thanks someone who isnt a spammer/noob!
I know a lot of as, but ill look at the guide :D


2011-01-10 16:02:12

Your right every that blams your should have the courage to tell you why and how you make better ;) i see a nice future for you.

fredthefatshrew responds:

:D thx


2011-01-10 21:24:33

bcuz it has bad graphics and the aiming is horribe, u have 2 face in the direction u want 2 shoot, try 2 make it were u can shoot in any direction in one stance and the game should score higher... and by the way that was the really the only problem had had with the game.

fredthefatshrew responds:

Thanks, the graphics are terrible(i cant draw) but the aiming in the direction ur pointing
is intentional, to make the game harder. It was a bitch putting that in...
Anyway, thx for the review. I might put an aim in any direction option in the real game.


2011-01-11 12:17:50

I like your melon game engine. But i didn't like the skate game. Skate game has no replay button and movement is unsmooth. But melon game is nice1:)

fredthefatshrew responds:

I think the skate got blammed D: But if u like the melon game, the full version should be out soon(a few weeks :D)


2011-01-12 12:10:53

Nice to have you on my collab crew. We are gonna get along just fine.