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Melone game

2011-01-09 09:02:26 by fredthefatshrew

The melone game is in the final stages of development. :D :D :D

Early screen of the hero 8)

Melone game


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2011-01-09 11:47:30

you said artist needed maybe i can help

fredthefatshrew responds:

No thx i already have 1. :S


2011-01-09 12:42:54

May I be one of your artists? I'm particularly good, whatever you need for a game, I can make it.

fredthefatshrew responds:

Yup help is welcome but not on melon game 1- ive done too much. When i start work on the second ill pm u and one of my games will have good art! FINALLY! :D :D :D